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When you’re horny and you don’t think clearly, it is so easy to fall for dating scams on the web. And that is why you need to beware of sites like and in this post, we are going to give you a review of SFB. This site is just trying to get your personal data whenever you want to enjoy your shemale sex fantasy by promising you access to a hook up community of horny trans ladies who are looking for fun with no strings attached. And they managed to create a good-looking fake adult community.

When you are horny and dire for shemale connections, you might be duped into thinking that their profiles are real and you can finally get laid with hot girls with juicy dicks. But instead, you will just be met with accounts run by bots and a site that will try to get your money to let you chat with them. Let’s see how they try to get you!

The Landing Page Of The Scheme Site

Once you get on the landing page of this site, you are welcomed with a big message that says, “Fuck A Hot Shemale!” The message goes on to promise that you will find a hot shemale in your area that wants nothing more than to be your fuck buddy. You’re promised instant free access to these hot trannies looking for casual sex dates. Then the pic of a hot trans babe is featured next to the message, who doesn’t look at all like a regular babe. She looks like a porn star. And her username is SkyModel.

Next to this promising but fake-looking welcoming message, you will find their first scheme tool. It’s a little box that will start by pretending to help you build your profile. But four questions into the quiz, you are asked to give them your email address. This is the first way in which they try to get you. By giving them your email address, you will be entered a database of aggressive advertising through which they will target you to future fake and spam messages trying to sell you even more fake changes of fucking shemales near you. If you want to meet and fuck with hot well hung ladies then go check out shemale sex dating sites that we have listed on the homepage and you can first do some live shows in which they get naked and orgasm together with you.

They Have A Big Community Of Fake Profiles

If you go through the site, you will find some browsing tools that will give you access to the list of profiles organized by kink and interest or by location. What’s interesting about these fake profiles is the fact that those of men who are supposedly looking for shemales look pretty real. You will see pictures of real regular Joes and descriptions that seem legit. We suspect that the scammers have stolen these profiles from real shemale dating platforms. On the other hand, the profiles of the shemales are obviously fake.

Most of them are using profile pics of porn stars and made up models, and all the bio descriptions seem to be written by the same person. Clicking on the picture of a man will open up a fake profile with lots of data about the member. But when you click on any of the shemale profiles, you will be redirected to other sites in the form of pop-up advertising. All in all, everything about this site is fake and last week we reviewed which is another website to avoid.

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