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Horny for shemales? Want to try a wild experience with a beautiful tranny who is ready for naughty things both online and offline? Be careful not to fall into the trap of scam dating sex sites like ShemaleSexDate. This site is coming with an offer you can hardly refuse. It prays on your desire, offering some thirst traps and a way of getting intimate with horny shemales that’s too good to be true. There are many good websites that you can visit for some spicy transgender casual sex dates in which anything can happen from a regular mutual handjob play to ass whipping or some foot fetish.

The landing page of this site is coming with a message that’s meant to assure you of the discretion and safety of their adult community. This message is overlayed on a GIF in which a smoking hot brunette tranny is playing with her juicy lady-cock while riding a dildo. The message informs you of the thousands of ladyboys who are waiting for you in the member area while informing you that disclosing any personal information will get you banned. Then they go on with claims of guaranteed hookups, which are presented in-between other thirst trap nudes of hot naked trans girls. They go as far as offering a screenshot of a fake Facebook testimonial in which a supposed “Colin J.”, a straight man with a career and family, is praising Shemale Sex Date for helping him discretely get in touch with trannies and keeping his secret. This fake testimonial is so absurd that it makes you wonder who would be silly enough to fall into this scheme.

Here’s How They Try To Get You

While you read about the safety and the high quality of the shemale hookup services offered by the platform, you are encouraged to click a button that will create a free profile. Joining the site as a member is supposed to give you access to the profiles of trannies near you. But before that, you are supposed to answer some questions that will help set your preferences. You will be given pictures of hot shemales of different body types, ages, and ethnicities, from which you must select your preferences.

You’re also asked to check the type of relationships and interactions you want with shemales in your area. After pretending to process your answers, they will mock a security check filter that’s meant to make sure you’re not a bot. Some more fake processing later, and you are then asked for personal info. And that’s where they get you. They do all this to have you turned on for ladyboys only to steal your personal info and target you for trans-themed advertising in the future.

They Even Pretend To Educate About Shemale Dating

Another interesting scheming mechanism that’s used on this site is the blog they host, where they offer exciting reads on how to date and fuck a shemale. The blog posts are really good, which is another reason why you might be tempted to believe that the tranny hookup community behind this scheme is real. The blogs are meant to give you the impression that this site is an LGBTQ advocate that wants to normalize shemale dating in our society. It’s incredible how far this site goes just to steal your data. You can read the articles and then just forget about their promises. Find a shemale partner on other sites. ShemaleSexDate is 100% fake so better check out and we have listed hookup websites that have real girls you can meet and have some great moments with.