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When you are curious about hooking up with a shemale, but are not involved with the local trans community, you are susceptible to false advertising. Many sites out there are praying for your naughty needs, taking advantage of the fact that you are horny and eager to experience sexual activities with a trans babe. Such a site is ShemaleFuckDate, which looks a bit too good to be true and today we’re going to review it for you.

The site is putting on fabulous advertising, promising you a quick and easy way of getting in contact with tranny fuck friends. But they go a bit too far with false promises. The main way they are trying to get you is by promising that you will find a hot shemale near you or a chick that’s just right for your ultimate fantasy. All these promises are meant to make you want to join the site, where they promise a free account. But instead, they just get your data so that they can target you for much more false advertising regarding your shemale fantasy. Luckily, we have hundreds of girls on the TSD that you can have some butt fun with and they might even become your ladyboy sex buddies after a few live chat sessions with them and they can do any type of fetish for you.

How They Try To Scam You

This site comes with some tranny sex opportunities that are way too good to be true. But they do it smartly. They don’t throw them on the landing page. Instead, you are asked to join from the first step so that you will feel like they are trying to protect some kind of adult community. But if you don’t want to join, they still give you a chance to browse through the supposed profiles of trans girls. There are three profile pictures on the landing page, which seem legit, but nothing happens when you click on them.

When you scroll down on the landing page, you find buttons for browsing members of the shemale dating community. You will have the option to browse by interest and also by location. But the offers for kink interests and locations are way blown out of proportion. They have over 100 kink categories on the site, with everything from BBC trans to amputee shemales who seem ready to sex chat and even meet you. The browsing by location is also too good to be true. It comes with offers for hot trans ladies for every single country of the world. You know something is fishy when a site claims to offer shemale dating in Afghanistan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. If you want to get some real sex dates with tranny girls then check out sites that TrannySexDate recommends to you in our list.

When you click on a category, you are given the option of browsing through some profiles that seem real. However, the only profiles are those of men looking for shemales. While on the other hand, the supposed tranny profiles are blurred and advertised as available for members only. And then they offer you a quick way to become a member for free.

Don’t Give Them Your Personal Data!

Even though the site looks like a scam, we all know that men are easily duped whenever they are horny. In the heat of the moment, you might be tempted to create an account. But nothing will happen after you do. You will get access to fake profiles run by bots, which will promise you hot chat sessions. You’ll only be disappointed when joining this site. Nothing will happen except that you will be targeted for even more fake advertising promising online and offline shemale experiences. Save your time and personal data by just ignoring ShemaleFuckDate.Com and signing up with other good sites that we have recommended in our posts.